EdEC Code of Conduct

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As a community, we in EdEC agree to:

  • Create an environment where members can bring their authentic selves to EdEC.
  • Acknowledge, empower, promote, encourage, and value all job classes and individuals.
  • Be an active listener and demonstrate a genuine desire to understand.
  • Be supportive and open to multiple ideas and ways of thinking.
  • Be kind and constructive in our feedback.
  • Treat colleagues and visitors with respect and be respectful in words, tone, and body language.
  • Be accountable for unintentional harm.
  • Foster a working environment that encourages reaching out to others for assistance when needed and pitching in when others are in need.
  • Respect workloads of others when planning projects or requesting time.
  • Avoid creating a false sense of urgency with requests and push back or ask for help when encountering false urgency.
  • View missteps in communication as opportunities for growth, learning and curiosity. Everyone makes mistakes!