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NCAR is committed to providing professional development and training to our early-career staff and visitors, and supporting them in their career growth. NCAR Education, Engagement and Early-Career Development (EdEC) has a mission to coordinate and increase opportunities for professional development and training of early-career staff and provide early-career scientists a single location for resources and support available to them. EdEC staff will partner with the Early-Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA) to identify the continuing education needs in the early-career workforce and provide partnership opportunities with UCAR for additional training resources.

Early Career Scientist Assembly

The Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA) is a permanent standing committee of the NCAR Scientist Assembly (NSA) and managed by the ECSA steering committee. The ECSA represents the interests of early-career scientists within the NSA, and the ECSA steering committee voices concerns, solutions, and successes from early-career scientists to NCAR/UCAR management to guide institutional policies.

Early-Career Leadership Program

The ECLP is a six-month training and exploration opportunity consisting of a series of modules with practical applications that are designed to prepare our postdocs and early-career staff for near- and long-term leadership opportunities. The program offers core modules including Fundamentals of Leadership; Emotional Intelligence; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and Developing Your Network. ECLP also provides a variety of additional modules such as Leading Teams, Mentoring, Science and Technical Communication, Proposal Development, Community-based Science, and Project Management. The ECLP is a bridge that leads into the more advanced programs (e.g., Leadership academy) already offered by UCAR.

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UCAR Training Opportunities

The UNEION (UCAR|NCAR Equity and Inclusion) training series offers staff on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice issues in the workplace and the geoscience community. 

The UCAR/NCAR/UCP Staff Mentoring Program connects individuals across UCAR/NCAR/UCP for a six-month guided mentorship experience.

Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) is a program that provides supervisors with fundamental concepts, tools and skills related to: (1) what it means to be a supervisor, (2) effective communication, (3) creating an ethical, diverse, and welcoming environment, (4) managing staff performance, (5) maximizing employee potential and growth through coaching, (6) building high performance teams, and (7) working with UCAR Operations/Integration.