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NSF NCAR is committed to providing professional development and training to our early-career staff and visitors, and supporting them in their career growth. NSF NCAR Education, Engagement and Early-Career Development (EdEC) has a mission to coordinate and increase opportunities for professional development and training of early-career staff and provide early-career scientists a single location for resources and support available to them. EdEC staff will partner with the Early-Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA) to identify the continuing education needs in the early-career workforce and provide partnership opportunities with UCAR for additional training resources.

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Early Career Training

We offer unique and comprehensive training opportunities for emerging scientists at NSF NCAR and UCAR to cultivate their abilities. Explore these training opportunities.

Early Career Calendar

Early Career has numerous upcoming events to help facilitate the growth and progress of early career professionals in the climate sciences.

Early Career Past Events & Resources

Early Career Development program has successfully conducted a series of events aimed at fostering professional growth among participants. These events covered diverse topics such as skill-building workshops, industry insights from guest speakers, and networking sessions.

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If you have any questions about Early Career or its events, please do not hesitate to reach out.