ECSA Travel Funds Requests


Funding is available for NCAR employees only!

Applications are due Friday, March 15th, 2024 11:59pm.

Apply Here

If you have questions regarding the ECSA travel funds, please contact Nick Lybarger.


The ECSA is pleased to offer travel funds to early-career scientific staff who would like to attend one (including online) conference, workshop, or meeting, but who do not have sufficient resources to attend. To be eligible you must qualify as “early-career” as defined by the NCAR ECSA (see below) and be a current NCAR employee. There is no requirement for the applicant to give a talk at the conference or workshop. Awards continue to be competitive after providing many travel awards in 2023. The maximum possible travel award per ECSA applicant is $2,500, though we also request that applicants consider how much funding is appropriate for a given duration of stay (i.e., considering an AirBnB for longer visits vs. hotels, etc).

Travel will be prioritized to those that haven’t recently received ECSA travel awards and haven’t attended many conferences/workshops/meetings in the past 2 years due to COVID or any other circumstances.

Please answer each question with full consideration. The pertinence of the response will weigh heavily in the final decision of allocating any funds.

Who is “early-career”?

The ECSA nominally defines early-career as NCAR staff members who are in the ECSA and within 12 years of having earned their highest degree. However, consideration will also be given to those who are still in the early stages of their careers, but have seen interruptions due to family leaves, military service etc. 

Maximum award is $2,500.


ECSA members who receive ECSA travel support may be required to submit ONE of the following to the EdEC office prior to my signing their travel reimbursement requests:

- a pdf file of the presentation that they made while on travel
- a pdf file of the poster that they presented while on travel
- a detailed trip report, outlining the purpose of their trip and its impact on their research and/or professional development (N.B. ALL acronyms need to be defined in this report).