2017 NSF NCAR Explorer Series

A large audience sits in an auditorium listening to a presenter on stage

Thank you for your interest in past NSF NCAR Explorer Series lectures from 2017! We hope you enjoy the abstracts, bios, short videos, and the archived lectures from these talks and look forward to seeing you at a future event!

Discover how scientists are predicting when and where Aedes aegypti mosquitoes will be present, why these viruses are expanding in the Americas, and what to expect in the future.

Learn about the how and why of mountain weather, winds, and clouds — and what it’s like to take those bumpy rides for science.

Learn about supercell storms, landspouts, and storm chasing across the plains of Colorado.

Find out what’s in the air we breathe, how far it travels, and what we know and don’t know about the origins of Front Range pollution.