2019 NCAR Explorer Series

A large audience sits in an auditorium listening to a presenter on stage

Thank you for your interest in past NSF NCAR Explorer Series lectures from 2019! We hope you enjoy the abstracts, bios, short videos, and the archived lectures from these talks and look forward to seeing you at a future event!

Get a personal, photographic tour from John Fielder of Colorado’s most beautiful locations in both mountain and canyon country.

Learn about the science that helps us understand solar storms and space weather, and the advances in solar telescopes allowing scientists to monitor the Sun in a lot more detail than ever before.

In collaboration with the Longmont Museum, discover the challenges of measuring snowfall in Antarctica and working in such an extreme environment.

In collaboration with Boulder Public Library, learn the basics of ice sheet modeling and the likelihood of abrupt sea level rise with examples from Greenland and Antarctica.

Hear about how our Earth is responding to current changes, the global-scale airborne campaigns that collect data used to monitor these changes, and state-of-the-art Earth system modeling.

Discover how the Anthropocene came to be, and how we as humans can positively influence the directions that the Anthropocene could take in the future.

Find out how ground-level ozone pollution damages plants and impacts our ecosystems, in Colorado and beyond.

Bring your curious minds and discover the world of science through this fun and exciting kids science show!

Learn about what the future might hold for radar observations as a tool for scientific research and weather observations.