2023 Explorer Series

Learn from NCAR scientists Dr. Moha Gharamti and Dr. Jeff Anderson about how ensemble prediction systems help us understand potential future weather events.

Join the Early Career Faculty Innovators for a panel discussion about convergent science, wildfire models, and community evacuation plans.

Join NCAR scientist Dr. Paul Bryans to learn about observing our Sun's corona during total solar eclipses and the events planned for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.

Join NCAR scientist Britt Stephens and NCAR project manager Cory Wolff to hear about how NCAR undertakes a field project.

Learn from NCAR scientists David Yates, Dave Gochis, and Aubrey Dugger about water security.

Únase a nosotros para una conversación con la Dra. Kelly Núñez Ocasio sobre la formación de ciclones tropicales.

Join us at the Longmont Museum for a talk by NCAR scientist Dr. Rebecca Morss about communicating hurricane risk to communities.

Chat with NCAR scientist Dr. Michael Wiltberger in a conversation about space weather simulations and visualizations.

Learn from university professor Dr. Osinachi Ajoku and NCAR scientist Dr. Rebecca Buchholz about the intersection between weather and wildfires in Sub-Saharan Africa.