How emerging technologies can enable us to create an inclusive future

Augmented reality, spatial computing, 3D printing, and more!

A person holds an iPad to view an augmented reality graphic
Jun. 29, 2022

7:00 – 8:30 pm MDT


We are currently living in an exciting era of technological advancements which make it possible to explore multi-sensory interactives. For instance, technologies like mobile augmented reality and spatial computing enable computers to use their physical surroundings for interaction. Manufacturing methods like 3D printing enable us to transcend flat print material. The maker movement of the last decade with the proliferation of community workshops like makerspaces enable people to access specialized equipment that were once beyond reach for the general public. In this Explorer Series lecture, Dr. Nihanth Cherukuru will discuss the application of inclusive design principles to data visualizations and offer new insights into the design of multisensory data representations leveraging the aforementioned technological developments.

Nihanth Cherukuru

Computational and Information Systems Lab

Dr. Nihanth Cherukuru is a Project Scientist and the head of the Visualization Services and Research group at the Computational and Information Systems Lab (CISL) at NSF NCAR. As an interdisciplinary applied researcher, his work focuses on the application of emerging technologies in the design of inclusive experiences to communicate scientific findings to domain experts, policy makers and the general public. He has designed and developed multiple visualization interactives which have been featured at the USA Science and Engineering festival in Washington, D.C., the White House Frontiers Conference, and on Capitol Hill.

Dr. Cherukuru received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University, Tempe specializing in Doppler Lidars and XR Data Visualizations. His current research interests lie at the intersection of XR/Spatial Computing, accessibility and data visualizations. His recent works include an audio augmented reality application in collaboration with Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) to improve the accessibility of exploratory indoor spaces for visitors who are blind/vision impaired.

Introduction to Data Visualization

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