2021 NCAR Explorer Series

Two speakers present from a stage

Thank you for your interest in past NCAR Explorer Series lectures from 2021! We hope you enjoy the abstracts, bios, short videos, and the archived lectures from these talks and look forward to seeing you at a future event!

Learn how combining models, observations, and future emissions projections makes it possible to predict climate variations a decade in advance.

In this NCAR Explorer Series event, our panelists will talk about the types of support you’ll receive as a student through mentorship, networking, and professional development by participating in one of our student programs.

In collaboration with the Longmont Museum, learn more about how the Earth system is interconnected and how a changing climate can affect precipitation patterns which in turn can impact agriculture and society.

Discover how scientists use observations from space to predict air quality, its connection to climate change, and how this research can inform health advisories and air management policies.

En esta Conversación de la Serie del Explorador, platicamos con la Dra. Rosimar Ríos-Berríos de NCAR para contestar algunas de estas preguntas y nos proveerá  ejemplos de cómo estudian los científicos la formación y el fortalecimiento de los huracanes.

Hear about what we know about our changing extreme weather and how scientists study these changes, as well as ongoing partnerships between science and industry to create new, usable science.

Learn about how scientists study volcanic eruptions and how computational models have increased the ability to understand the impact these eruptions have on stratospheric ozone.

Discover how hurricanes, clouds in the arctic, and wildfires are changing with our changing climate, and the impact this could have on our kids.

Platicamos con el Dr. Carlos Marcelo García de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba para conocer los aspectos hidrometeorológicos de RELÁMPAGO, los estudios científicos que continúan realizándose en Argentina, y el ProyectoMATTEO.

In this NCAR Explorer Series lecture, Dr. Liying Qian talks about space weather and space climate, and how scientists study the impact that they could have on space technology and space assets on which we increasingly rely.

In this Explorer Series: Conversation, we talk with NCAR scientists and educators about the connections between food, water, and climate, how students can participate in active research, and how science communicators share science that impacts society.

Find out what’s in the air we breathe, how far it travels, and what we know and don’t know about the origins of Front Range pollution. We also discuss what researchers are doing to advance scientific understanding in support of informed decision making to limit pollutant emissions and exposure.

In this NCAR Explorer Series: Conversation, we speak with NCAR associate scientist Agbeli Ameko who will discuss 3D-printed weather stations (IoTwx).