Equitable Exchange: A Framework for Diversity and Inclusion in the Geosciences

This study expands on prior work to outline an ethical framework to guide research cocreated with local communities. We propose appreciation for the differing perspectives geoscientists and local community members bring to problem-solving and to creating knowledge around questions and issues pertinent to geoscience. A respectful and “Equitable Exchange” between individuals working together in these contexts can foster greater scientific creativity and societal relevance, and may ultimately broaden and diversify participation in the geosciences.

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Citation: Harris, L., Garza, C., Hatch, M., Parrish, J., Posselt, J., Alvarez, J., Davidson, E., Eckert, G., Grimes, K., Garcia, J., Haacker, R., Horner-Devine, M.C., Johnson, A., Lemus, J., Prakash, A., Thompson, L., Vitousek, P., Martin, M.P., and Reyes, K. (2021):  Equitable Exchange: A framework for diversity and inclusion in the geosciences, AGU Advances, 2(2), https://doi.org/10.1029/2020AV000359.