Bridge to GVP Program

NCAR's Advanced Study Program's Graduate Visitor Program  (GVP) Fellowship is an excellent way to spend three or more months at NCAR to work on parts of your thesis or final project equivalent with guidance from NCAR scientists and engineers.  But what if you aren’t ready for a full GVP Fellowship?  Do you need to learn more about NCAR and its science to really understand how a fellowship can benefit your thesis?  Are you unsure of whom to contact regarding science themes and how to go about contacting them? The Bridge to GVP Program can help you.  

The Bridge to GVP Program will match your interests with NCAR scientists and engineers in a one-month internship at NCAR.  During that month you’ll have opportunities to participate in NCAR activities, learn more about the science, and work on a small project that will help you determine if a longer fellowship might work for you.  As a result of this visit, some Bridge to GVP Program participants will be awarded a regular GVP Fellowship to continue working at NCAR either immediately, or sometime in the future.  

Spending time at our national center working with researchers has the potential to positively influence  your career path.  Not only will you learn about cutting edge research shaping the field, but you’ll also connect with other scientists and students.  You’ll have an opportunity to network with other Bridge to GVP Program students, GVP fellows and other interns working at NCAR as part of a cohort.

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What is the Bridge to GVP Program?

  • 1-month mentored internship at NCAR.  Selected participants will begin their internship mid-June, in-person at NCAR in Boulder, Colorado.  Participants will work with internship coordinators and NCAR scientists to learn more about NCAR science, career development topics, and may begin developing long-term projects associated with a graduate thesis.  Participants will have the option of completing the entire month in-person at NCAR, or just the first week with the remainder of the visit going virtual.  
  • Open to graduate students located in the U.S. 
  • $2000 stipend included
  • Opportunity to work on NCAR Science matched to your interests
  • May lead to a GVP Fellowship (3-12 months) 

Application Process

Below is a list of questions so you will know what the application form is asking for. 

About the Bridge to GVP Program

The GVP Bridge Program is hosted by NCAR’s Advanced Study Program and guided by Jerry Cyccone and Rebecca Buchholz.  

Jerry Cyccone

NCAR Education, Engagement and Early-Career Development

Jerry Cyccone is the Student Program Coordinator for NCAR Education, Engagement & Early-Career Development (EdEC). Jerry started at NCAR in 2016 as a student assistant and after co-facilitating several summer internship programs discovered a passion for working with students. He is the lead for the NCAR Earth System Science Internship (NESSI), co-lead for the Undergraduate Leadership Workshop (ULW), and the host for NCAR’s Professional Development Workshop Series for interns.

Rebecca Buchholz

Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling Laboratory

Rebecca Buchholz is a Project Scientist working in the Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling (ACOM) Laboratory. Rebecca completed her PhD in Australia at the University of Wollongong and moved to NCAR in 2014. Her research relates to large-scale atmospheric analysis such as composition trends and variability, with a focus on wildfire impacts. Rebecca has mentored several internships and enjoys guiding mentees to find their science passion.


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